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Seeking volunteers

Post by mhmatters »

From today we are actively seeking health care professionals on this website. If you are a health care professional and wish to help users on this website in a professional way please click the application form at the top.

We can never have too many professionals on this website and will always accept your application as long as you have valid documentation to prove you are a professional. If you work for the NHS in the UK all we require is a picture of your ID that is valid and within its expiry date please ensure you take this picture as a selfie with you holding the ID covering your NHS number we don't need to see that (We do not store any of your documents and they are deleted once seen by a member of our team).

If you own a or work for a business that deals with Mental Health your application are the same as the NHS however we require proof that you are able to practice. This also goes for psychotherapists 

By providing proof you help us ensure that you are a professional and ensure our users are in safe hands. 

YOU WILL BE RECOGNISED ON THE SITE AS PROFESSIONAL HELP SO PEOPLE KNOW THEY CAN TURN TO YOU, Your account will be blue so you can be easily identified when you are online.

*Please read*
Volunteers are required to provide information for free on MH matters however we allow you to post your own website and services across our website. Which will help promote your business. You are NOT able to tell a member of MH that they need to pay for your services if you are found to be doing this we will demote your account and will strip the links you have added across the website. Even though you are a professional we are here for everyone so if you need help you can turn to the website too we will never stop that.


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