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Post by stacey »

Today isn't one of my best days. I'm finding it hard not cry and think every little things is off to get me personal.  Just being around people is make me crazy and I just want scream and ye'll at people. Feel like if I have good fight with someone I feel better so I'm very snappy at the moment. 
I'm feeling not good  Enough for everyone. 
I feel like no one loves me and i shouldn't be here. I feel like I should run away and people better without me. 
Only good thing what's come out of it as I didn't want hurt my self  Physical this time around, as I doing mental to myself this time. Even though I know I'm doing or what I'm doing after the moment is done. It's still hard not to stop it. 

 This me without my medication  4days I would say 😞

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