MHmatters Beta


Introducing Jibberish a fun little feature we have added for your own amusement

We have released a little system for giggles for you to enjoy and use as you, please. It’s a little JavaScript encryption system that you can make or decrypt

Encrypt here
Make your own jibberish
Decrypt here
Decode other people’s jibberish


You can now decode on Discord.. that’s right we actually wrote our bot to be able to decipher the website Jibberish. We think we may of taken this too far! To use the bot type “decode” then paste your Jibberish after decode for example:

decode Xf!ipqf!zpv!bmm!fokpz!ju/!Ibwf!gvo”

Remeber this is just for fun and anyone can decipher it.

Use as you please!